The Box

Made of classic cardboard,
shaped for modern eyes

Team Work

When the two act like one,
it's the true spirit of team work

Opening up...

It invites you to
open it up,
giving you a hint what's

And it's packed

Nicely wrapped in a humble paper,
take the shirt and wear it with pride

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Optimist Shirt is for a man who loves his work

For a craftsman and an artisan. Built with love and care from durable unwashed denim or chambray, these shirts with nicely shaped patch pockets can be worn as light jackets over a dress shirt or tank top, or by itself. The piece of heritage translated and re-imagined for the modern world, it will always get the work done.

The Optimist Shirt

The Shirt


Optimist Shirt comes in two tones of blue. The lighter one is created from durable chambray while the darker one is made from nice denim. Both fabrics come from the world famous Albini powerhouse in Italy and guarantee the premium workwear feel. The shirts are pre-washed, so they feel like you've worn them already for ages and they have become truly yours.


Optimist Shirt comes with a bold oversized chest pocket and two patch pockets which come handy if you need to store your screw driver or a pen or a smartphone. Also noticeable is the collar. It's overside and rounded too.

Ways to wear the shirt

Optimist Shirt is versatile. You can take it in your regular size and wear it like any other of your shirts. Or you can go up a size and wear your shirt as a light jacket over T-shirt or other dress shirt.

The Optimist Shirt
The Optimist Shirt

Theregular size

Thesatellite shirt

Optimist shirtsized up

A true optimist fears no work

Work makes us equal

One doesn't rest before the work is done

Optimism makes difference

Work is not done using
only hands and brains.
Best work takes
a heart

In the end, everything will work out

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The Stores

Sangar Webshop

You can order your Optimist Shirt with just couple of clicks. We provide worldwide delivery.

Sõpruse pst 2, 50050 Tartu, Estonia
Phone: (+372) 7 307 321

Visit website

SfääR Restaurant and Shop

A good friend of ours. Really nice store with careful selection of world's best workwear inspired brands and Scandinavian design. It also has one of the best restaurants in Tallinn. If you happen to be in town, we strongly recommend to hop in.

Mere pst 6e, Tallinn, Estonia
Phone: (+372) 569 9220

Visit website

The Optimist Shirt

The Light BlueShirt


The Optimist Shirt

The Dark BlueShirt